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Used Clothes for Textile Recycling

This is a very important avenue for Naath. The products here are imported into India to service the industry in North India where most of the buyers are situated. These materials constitute of clothes which are left over when used clothes are sorted and are used for recycling purposes.

This material is popularly known as RAGS. This comprises normally of wool, acrylic and cotton sweaters as also other woollen materials (wool bodies) such as overcoats, jackets, skirts, pants etc. which are converted into yarn which is used for manufacturing of all types of blankets and fabrics. These items can be brought into India in mutilated (cut) and unmutilated (uncut) condition. However, if it is in unmutilated (uncut) condition then it can only be brought in by licensed companies in the free trade zone or by 100% export oriented units.
The grades that have demand in India are as follows.

  • Wool sweaters
  • Wool bodies
  • Acrylic sweaters
  • Cotton sweaters
  • Denim rags
  • Any other clothing wastes

Presently we are importing these grades from many parts of Europe, North America, East and West Asia etc.